Discover unseen
vulnerabilities with a pentest!


Welcome to Approach Cyber, your trusted partner in safeguarding your digital assets! Our cutting-edge penetration testing services ensure your IT systems, OT and IoT, are secure from all angles. Don't wait for a breach; take control of your cybersecurity today!

Why you should pentest your solution

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your systems are fortified against current cyber threats.


Meet your industry regulations and compliance standards effortlessly.

Competitive edge

Secure your reputation and gain a competitive edge in your market.


✔️Expertised and certified pentesters: your solution will be tested by a team of certified ethical hackers boasting years of experience in uncovering vulnerabilities.

✔️Customized solutions: is your need really specific? No problem, we adapt to provide you tailored penetration testing to feed your unique business needs.

✔️Actionable reports: you receive detailed reports with practical recommendations for quick win and long term improvement.

What are the different steps of a successfull pentesting?


A scoping meeting is organized


Rules of engagement document is signed


You set up the test environment


The security test is performed


Detailed report is written and explained to you


Certificate of completion from our pentesters

They trusted us


"At IBA, Approach Cyber has been our dependable cybersecurity ally. With regular penetration testing on our sensitive environments and perimeter, they've enabled our CISO to proactively mitigate cyber risks and safeguard our most valuable assets"

Mutual IT

For nearly two years, Approach Cyber has been one of our key cybersecurity partners. Thanks to their penetration tests, our organization has been able to deliver applications that are both secure and compliant.

Their reliability and flexibility allowed us to integrate penetration testing in our applications development process and elevate the level of our organisation’s security awareness.

Cybersecurity subsidies for Belgian SMEs

Company cheques

Any SME whose main place of business is located in Wallonia can be granted a public contribution of up to 75% of an amount of up to EUR 50K ex. VAT over a maximum of 3 years.

Brussels subsidies

Since 25 March 2019, SMEs based in the Brussels-Capital Region can receive grants for various projects - including an IT security project.


VLAIO offers SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) the opportunity, subject to the use of subsidies, to develop their business through consultancy or training.


About Approach Cyber

Approach Cyber is a pure-play cyber security and privacy company.

At Approach Cyber, we believe that everyone deserves digital peace-of-mind.This is our vision, our aspiration for a society where each and every one is reassured, where there is confidence and security in the digital world. Therefore, our role is to bring cyber serenity to society.

Every day, we take care of your cyber security while you focus on your business. We help you to prevent, withstand and recover from cyber security incidents and enable you to keep full attention on your core activities.

We offer 360-degree solutions to improve your cyber resilience: anticipate, prevent, protect, detect, respond and recover. We are committed to delivering top-notch services: consulting and audit, training and awareness, security technology integration and software development. Approach Cyber is also a true Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) thanks to our shared Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Approach Cyber is a fast-growing company with a team of a hundred people spread across several offices in Belgium and Switzerland. Our company is ISO 27001 certified and ISO27701 verified.

Above all, we care about people, and you can count on us to go beyond expectations.