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Discover our comprehensive whistleblower full package service, your key to ensure transparency and accountability within your organization. Explore the key aspects and benefits of this vital framework, and discover how it can benefit your organization.

Introduction to the Whistleblower European Directive 📜

Whistleblower European Directive is a set of rules and guidelines aimed to ensure the protection of people reporting the wrongdoing of a (public or private) company. This framework ensures that their disclosures are treated confidentially and with respect, fostering a culture of accountability.

What can be reported under the Whistleblower European Directive?


Public Health


Public Procurement

Money Laundering

Product Safety & Conformity

Consumer Protection

Fiscal and Tax

Competition Rules

Privacy & GDPR

Are you concerned?

You are concerned if you are a European or public company* of more than 50 FTE.

Directive deadlines


≥ 250 FTE: from 15 February 2023

< 250 FTE: from  17 December 2023

* Specific measures applicable for the public sector

What should I do?


  • Set up a channel to report wrongdoings such as malpractice, unlawful or unethical acts
  • Inform & raise awareness of the stakeholders
  • Appoint one or several case manager(s) to treat the alerts
  • Create processes to assign and investigate
  • Respond in due time
  • Protect whistleblowers, their families and direct relations at all times

How can you help me?

Option 1: I manage the project myself

I get a fully branded and responsive web portal supporting:

Custom forms
Anonymized verbal alerts (distorted sound)
End-to-end encryption of the messages
Multiple recipients to avoid conflicts of interest

Option 2: You take care of everything for me

I get a fully branded and responsive web portal as in option 1


Set up & connection to my environment
Independent experts to handle the alerts
Process & communication collaterals
Support for my GDPR compliance
Training & awareness campaigns


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