Annual Pentest Report 2024


Keeping up with cyber security is not an option, but rather a need in a world where digital dangers are evolving quicker than ever.

The 2024 Pentest Report from Approach Cyber can help you navigate the present state of digital vulnerabilities by providing you with unmatched insights and practical advice on how to defend your digital assets.

Executive Summary

Welcome to the fourth edition of our annual pentest statistic report. This year, we've delved deeper into both web application and infrastructure vulnerabilities, uncovering critical insights that are essential for enhancing your cyber security measures.

From misconfigurations to authentication issues, our report provides a comprehensive overview of the cyber security landscape through the lens of our expert ethical hacking team.

Report Highlights

 Emerging Trends: Discover the latest in cyber vulnerabilities, including the significant rise of misconfigurations and authentication problems.

 Infrastructure Pentest Insights: For the first time, we introduce findings from infrastructure pentests, highlighting critical vulnerabilities in outdated cryptographic algorithms and unpatched software.

 Actionable Recommendations: Beyond identifying problems, our report equips you with targeted strategies to bolster your cyber defences, from increasing cyber security awareness to implementing robust hardening policies.

Who Should Read This Report? 

CISOs & Other Executives

Stay informed about vulnerabilities and threat trends to refine your security roadmap.


Keep abreast of specific threat and vulnerability details to hone your response strategies.

IT &
Security Teams

Equip yourself with knowledge about the latest threats to devise effective countermeasures.

Compliance Professionals

Enhance your understanding of compliance-related risks and data privacy.


Integrate cyber security more effectively into your secure development lifecycle.


Understand the quantifiable business risks and the steps needed to mitigate them.

Case Studies

Dive into real-world scenarios where our ethical hacking team uncovered and addressed vulnerabilities that could have led to catastrophic security breaches.

From weak remote management tools to insecure communications and misconfigurations, these case studies provide a glimpse into the practical application of our findings and the importance of proactive security measures.

About Approach Cyber

At Approach Cyber, we are dedicated to offering 360-degree solutions to improve your cyber resilience. Our team of highly certified professionals is committed to helping you anticipate, prevent, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents. Learn more about our holistic approach to cyber resilience and the wide range of tailored services we provide to guard against cyber threats.